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Market Stall - Week 4 Bootcamp :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 1 0 Week 4 - Something about Zelda :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 7 10 Week 3- University Thumbnails- Environments :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 3 0 Just a Big Chicken (NOT LINE ART) :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 4 0 Its just a chair... A not very good one :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 0 0 Environment Thumbnails - University Week 2 :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 10 2 Week 2 - University Alien plants :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 10 2 Digital Painting Thumbnails - University Work :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 8 14 [Commission for Nadeslos] Emotes -Twitch/Discord :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 5 2 NukaPooka's Photoshop Brushes :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 19 7 Just a overlay Tutorial Nothing special move along :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 2 3 Cave Paintings :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 5 0 Do Not Touch :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 1 0 Lets go into the creepy dark :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 3 3 Fly with me :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 11 5 Smashy Smashy Slam :iconnukapooka:NukaPooka 5 2


Art Raffle :iconchirun:chirun 500 255
Sample Comic Artist's Contract
=======What is a contract? Why use one?=======
A contract is a legal document stating the conditions of a job/partnership/other agreement. It is a written version of what has been agreed upon so there is no confusion.
Contracts protect both/all parties involved. They ensure that creators get their artistic needs met, and artists/writers/editors/etc. get credited and payed.
Contracts are not about a lack of trust. A contract is a written promise. You will do your end, they will do theirs. No one side is targeted. The creator does not need this to be sure the artist works, the artist does not need this to be sure the creator holds up their end. It's so both know what is expected, and what will happen. There is no reason not to have a contract, even between friends.
=======How to use this one=======
Contracts can be tricky to write. Especially if you're not familiar with the legal jargon involved. Let's face it, if we all were keen to reading legal jargon
:iconcomic-makers-club:Comic-Makers-Club 37 23
10pts to Sub my YouTube + Chance to win 5000pts!!
I'm calling this "The Push for 500."

We've just reached 250 subscribers on YouTube for the Motion Novel, Atis's Gaze. Naturally we want to continue with the subscriber count, hence the giveaway/raffle. 
This replaces "The Push for 250" as a winner was determined here
Entering is very easy. Here are the details:
1. You MUST favorite this journal entry.
2. Subscribe to the Atis's Gaze  YouTube channel. (You cannot unsubscribe).
3. Bump the forum post so others can see. The link is
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Callous Volume 1 (Inner Cover) :iconcronaj:Cronaj 64 43 Lagiacrus Sprite :iconnighteba:Nighteba 68 18 Rathalos Sprite :iconnighteba:Nighteba 58 15 Persona :iconcronaj:Cronaj 95 22 Mr. Bear, who loves jazz! :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 1,857 45 Jeremy Burgess :iconlaksanardie:laksanardie 1 2 Father and Son - Commission :iconbelka-1100:Belka-1100 188 9 Solarah 034 :iconguardianofinnola:GuardianOfInnola 3 2 Midas :iconbronzehalo:BronzeHalo 1,733 68 P-086 for Demoniacs :iconpony-bones:pony-bones 13 3 Support me on Patreon! :iconcronaj:Cronaj 49 7 DAI: Oh. My. God. :iconliliumsnow:LiliumSnow 144 95 Aeterna Nix :iconplaguey:Plaguey 167 36


NukaPooka's Profile Picture
Lisa Burgess
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Buy Me a Coffee at
All donations go towards a new laptop for university

:iconcommissionsask: :icontradesask:
Commissions will open 22nd of June
I have a few people on a wait list already!


Hello, I'm NukaPooka.

Im a 22 year old Australian artist.
Im currently doing a bachelor of creative arts (digital media)
Im enjoying every bit of it.

You are not allowed to use any of my work or characters. You are not allowed to heavy reference, copy, steal or use without my permission. I don't mind you sharing my work as long as you credit and link back to the original

You can also find me here

My Tumblr - NukaPooka

My Facebook - NukaPooka

Programs : I use Photoshop CC 2015
Tablet : I use a wacom intuos 4 (have had it for 5 years)

I also like polar bears :D
I have a Bernese mountain dog
I've had a few enquiries, Specifically in some environment design.
All commission will be open in late June, Including with a new price list.

This is what i'll be doing are.. (EXAMPLES WILL COME IN THE END OF JUNE)

Twitch and Youtube Custom design Bundles
( These include, Icons, Main Display Banner and emotes - emotes not included for Youtube-) These are all custom made drawings, and Not just the generic, backdrop and Name of your channels. Emotes are custom made aswell. Example will come in around late june. Can be bought Separately.

Environment designs
- These will be anything from just an awesome looking poster, do back drops for your needs such as, Dungeons and Dragons games to be an example for a more Immersive world to show your players, Or just something cool for a project.

Character designs and Ref sheets, These will be of your characters. I'm not making customs for you specifically (unless they are adoptable)

Adoptables - Custom Adopts and One of a kind.

There will also be the original, Sketch, Color, Render commissions
- Headshots, busts, Full body, Scenes.

Payment will be in PayPal! Some things will be done in points and Paypal options.

More information in june :D
Hello everyone, This is a journal that will feature all types of artists and writers. So please go take a look at these great people. All of them are unique and amazing at what they do.
(Features are for people i have spoken with, friends or have really enjoyed their work)
- Will add more artists as it goes.


cronasonlyfriend Does some amazing work, and from looking at her pieces she has come along way in improvement. Lovely person and worth taking a look at her profile.
Feathers by cronasonlyfriend Callous Cover 1 by cronasonlyfriend Yato-gami by cronasonlyfriend

Plaguey Is another amazing artist, Her work is always something new to look at from Chibi to full blow pieces of work.
Celty Sturluson by Plaguey Jibril by Plaguey The Place Where Wishes Come True by Plaguey

GEARS7ICK A really good friend of mine from university, Its always great to see how far this guy has come from when i first met him a year or so ago. 

Morning Patrol by GEARS7ICK Verdant Sanctuary Gates by GEARS7ICK Star Wars Desert Environment by GEARS7ICK

RedWryvenArt or DalekMercy  Another good friend from university. Known her for quite sometime and has her own unique style and feel about her artwork. Watching her improve in her work over the past year or so has been worthwhile.
A True Warrior by RedWryvenArt Amon +Ur Screen+ by RedWryvenArt Twelve +Alternate Version+ by RedWryvenArt Giant Fire Chicken by DalekMercy

Thavie-Art Never spoken much to Thavie, though we are apart of the Project Outpost group on Discord. So Dragon age and Mass Effect Fans, Take a gander at her awesome work.
Mass Effect: Andromeda by Thavie-Art Desert Wolf Wallpaper by Thavie-Art

Mature Content

Vhenan by Thavie-Art
Smile Wolf by Thavie-Art

JWatkinsArt Had a few interactions with him in a dragon age/mass effect facebook groups where he was promoting his work. Does some wonderful pieces and should really take a look.

Mature Content

Through the Fire - Blood by JWatkinsArt
Reading a Book by JWatkinsArt King of the Grasslands by JWatkinsArt Allison's Fortune by JWatkinsArt

BeetleInABottle Been following Beetle aka Suta Still on facebook for quite a while actually (two years i think). She does some wonderful anthropomorphic and animal Paintings, designs and characters.
The Collector by BeetleInABottle Splitting Edge by BeetleInABottle Best Friends by BeetleInABottle Rampage by BeetleInABottle

mruczyslaw An amazing artist who specialises in a lot of Anrtho,Furry and feral related work. Highly recommend taking a look at her works of art
l i t t l e . w e i r d o by mruczyslaw u s by mruczyslaw C: s e l i n a by mruczyslaw R Q : n o x y by mruczyslaw


- Writers will have a link to their gallery, rather than Links to stories ive enjoyed.

Nevermoremist Such a lovely person to talk to who has done some awesome Dragon Age Fanfics as well as many others and is a wonderful writer.
Go check out her Gallery…

Words-Of-Fate Another great writer of fanfics, always an enjoyment to scroll through her work…


Hello everyone, My lecturer Tim Mcburnie is a comic book artists This is a video for those who wish to know what tools to use as a digital artist from Sketching on paper to using a digitall tablet.…
Origin of my user name. Ive had some people get confused with me thinking  its from fall out

Wanted to let you know the origin of my name is because of my younger sister, when she was little we use to watch the Lion King 2 : Simba's pride.
When she saw Nuka the lion she would say " NukaPooka! NukaPooka" and that is why my user name means alot to me, I just wanted to let everyone know this.
Got a new brush set coming up, Fully updated.




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